July 16th, 1998

We got off at 4:55 AM. It wasn't very long to sleep and it wasn't a very good sleep. The walls were very thin and the train was not always smooth. We got dressed in a few minutes and hopped off the train. We got our passports stamped and took our next train from Basil to Winterthur. We then had to make a five minute connection for our next train. The next train ride was small enough that we had to buy tickets for it and were not able to use our Europasses. Arnie and I got off the train, found out what track our next train was leaving from, told everybody else to take our luggage and theirs to that track and wait for us. This was quite a feat to see Arnie run since he was in no condition to even walk too fast yet. It was also interesting because we weren't sure where they sold the tickets, so we would run and slow down and run some more. When we found it there was no one else in line and we told the ticket lady to hurry. If we missed this one, we would have to wait another hour. We got our tickets and ran to the track number and yelled at everyone to get on. They started piling on and we got ourselves and all of the luggage in. About 15 seconds later the train started going. We just barely made it. The train was supposed to take us all the way to Stein Am Rhein, but since there wasn't enough people they dropped us off early and had us take the bus the rest of the way.

Hotel Chlosterhof
We got off the bus and hiked our stuff to the hotel ClosterHoff. It was a nice 2-bedroom suite overlooking the Rhein river. It also had a very nice lobby. I got some coffee, first thing because I had a headache and I needed my caffiene.
We walked the streets a little bit and had breakfast at a quaint bakery. They had bread, meats and cheeses. Jenny and I had soft-boiled eggs.
The view of the Rhein River from our Hotel

Can you point me to the nearest Laundromat?
We took a nice long nap afterwards since we had not gotten the best of sleep the night before. That felt nice. Jenny and I decided to do our wash that day since we had more room to spread out the clothes for drying. We would have to let our things sit and dry for a while.
Later that evening we had dinner outside along the river. It would have been nice, except it was raining and was very cold. We definitely should not have eaten outside.
Dinner on the Rhein River

Very Cccooolld!!
It was funny because we were all done eating and they kept bringing plates of what we had just eaten to some of us again. I thought is was really weird and then I realized that they had only brought some people's dishes half at a time since it was so cold out and it would have cooled the dish down too much with the whole thing there at once.
We were going to go swimming afterwards in the hotel pool but found that there were people already swimming in the pool naked. We decided to pass on that. To wrap the evening up, the adults decided to play rook in the lobby downstairs. It was a very nicely decorated lobby. It was a lot of fun. Especially since I won!!
Our Lobby