Welcome to the scrapbook of our Europe Trip. My name is Doug, and I will take you through this journey. Me and my wife, Jenny went to Europe with our very good friends, Arnie, Elsie, and their kids which are also our very good friends, Jonathon, and Jessica. Our adventures took us from the rainy days of the UK to the sweltering heat of Italy. We witnessed ruins that existed when people were still using those BC calendars. We saw the first code of laws, and stepped foot in the smallest country in the world. We got a taste of the cultures from several different places. From the unusual to the improbable, we saw it. It left us with many images to remember and many stories to tell. We want to share some of these images and stories with you now.

You can traverse through this scrapbook in a couple different ways. If you want to, you can go directly to a specific day by clicking on that day on the calendar. Otherwise, you can just start at the beginning and go through one day at a time. The pictures that you will see have been reduced in size and clarity so that they will fit in this format without having to wait all day for the page to load on your browser. If you want to have a larger and higher quality picture to keep, just email me at doug@theclemens.net and let me know which picture you want. Since there are a lot of pictures on these pages, it will still take quite a while to download, depending on how fast your connection is to the internet. Now let me take you on a journey overseas to the lands of Royalty, Romance, and Ruins. You can have all the fun without the jetlag. Enjoy!!

Current through July 25th, 1998
Last updated November 1st, 1998