July 15th, 1998

A little lunch to start our day
Because of the late night, we did not get up and go to breakfast until 11:30AM. We ate at a little café on the same street as our hotel.

Our metro ticket to Versailles

Walking up the path to the Palace at Versailles

The Queen's Bedroom

Ticket to the Palace
Today we had planned to go to Versailles to look at the Palace. It was absolutely huge. We walked through the Queen's Room. Very ornate.
We also saw the Hall of Mirrors. This was where the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end WW I.
The Hall of Mirrors

Inside the beautiful Palace
There are many paintings on the walls and frescoes on the ceilings.
In back of the palace is a monstrous garden with flowers and shrubs, trees, and fountains. They have Palm trees in planters that they put out there every summer. It is a wondrous sight.
The Palace Garden

Doug and Jenny at the Palace Garden

Little tiny Elsie at the Palace

Jonathon likes pouring in pictures
After a day at the Palace, we went back to Paris and ate at a charming café on our street. I had escargot, pomme frittes (French Fries), and chocolate crepes. It was a very French dinner.

Last look at the sights of Paris
We then made our journey with our suitcases to the subway. We got to the train station about an hour and a half early so we could validate our Europasses and get on our train early.
Well, maybe one more look

Leaving Paris

Our Sleeper Car
That night was the night for the sleeper train. The train departed at around 10:38PM. We boarded about 30 minutes early. Jenny & I went to bed a few minutes before the train took off. About 10 minutes after the train took off, someone came knocking on our door for our ticket. I told him that Arnie had it. It turned out that he really wanted my Europass. Jonathon knocked on the door a little later and got that from me.
We had a little fan right by our bed. That was going to work out nicely since it was hot except for the fact that the fans stopped working after about a half hour. It didn't work again until 15 minutes before we got off the train.