July 12th, 1998

We were awoken at 7:00AM by a fire alarm. Apparently, the cook overdid the morning sausages. At around 8:30AM, the Ytreeides and I took off for our journey to Stonehenge. Jenny stayed behind so she could meet up with Cate. We took the metro to Waterloo where we were going to get on the train to Salisbury. We were planning on taking the 9:30AM departure. We had bought the tickets the day before and were on our way to start the day. We arrived there at about 9:05AM. Come to find out, there was a departure at 8:57AM and wasnít going to be another until 10:57. 2 hours waiting at a Waterloo train station, now thatís what I call fun. The problem was that we were scheduled to meet up with Cate and Jenny for the 3:50PM arrival back to Waterloo. It was going to be almost impossible to make that kind of schedule. It also turned out that there was no 3:50 arrival train either, there was a 4:18pm and also a 5:18pm. I called our hotel and told the manager to leave a note on our room door to tell Jenny that we would try to make the 4:18 but would probably instead make the 5:18 arrival back. I thought there might be a chance that Jenny would make it back to our room for something.

Doug trying to get ahold of Jenny
I also had known that we had received one note on our door a day earlier telling Jen how to contact Cate. I asked the manager to look in our room to see if there was a paper just sitting up in our room that had Cateís phone number on it, and if there was, to call the number and leave them the message. I was hoping one of those methods would get the job done.
We arrived at Salisbury at around 12:35 and quickly got in line to buy tickets for the 12:50 bus departure to Stonehenge. We got to Stonehenge at about 1:20, stood in line to buy admission tickets, ran around Stonehenge once, and then rushed back to the bus for the 1:55 departure.
Train-ride to Stonehenge

Jonathon at Stonehenge

Little tiny Arnie at Stonehenge

Doug at Stonehenge
The weather was very much less than accommodating for this trip. It was cold, rainy, and very windy. We didnít mind the fact that we got back to the bus rather quickly. It was too cold to stay out there too long.
As our bus took off from Stonehenge, I realized that the setting on the video camera that I was using to capture the moment was at a particular setting that made the whole thing totally blurry. Whoops! I also noticed that the chips that I had bought for a snack fell out of their package and made a mess in my backpack. While Iím on a negative theme, I might as well also mention that I bought a bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato sandwich on the train that was yucky. Our bus got back to Salisbury at about 2:25 and we rushed back to the train for the 2:39 departure. We did it! We were able to get back to Waterloo by 4:18. Cate and Jenny had not been waiting long. This also meant that we would be able to go to the British Museum.
We meet up with Cate

Windy on the Metro

The Rosetta Stone
Had we got back at 5:18, it would have been too late. Cate went to the Museum with us. It was very nice talking with her and learning about her many journeys around the globe. In the British Museum, we got to see hieroglyphics and Egyptian type sculptures. We also got to see mummies and ancient tools, pottery, and weapons.
There were also sandals that were 2000 years old that looked a lot like todayís sandals. The most impressive piece of all was the rosetta stone. The historical significance of that one find is spectacular. We then ate at a restaurant where afterwards Arnie had a gigantic banana split. We then went back to the rooms and said goodbye to Cate.
All of us standing in front of our hotel

Doug making a call to the Queen
Jonathon and I took off in search of a British red telephone, so I could have my picture taken in one. We walked through a ritzy neighborhood and finally found one. It was fun. Arnie and I then settled our bill with the hotel and we turned in for the evening. Iím not a big soccer fan, by any means, but I was aware that the World Cup was held in Paris this year. Every 4 years, all the best soccer teams from around the world play in the World Cup to see who will have bragging rights. I had heard that there had been a few violent incidents at some of the soccer games and I checked out when it would be wrapping up. It looked like July 12th, 1998, today, was going to be the finals.
I had found out before we left that France was going to be in the finals this year against the heavily favored Brazilian team. Since we were going to Paris the next day, I figured that it would probably be best if France lost so that there wouldnít be too much celebrating. As that can always get out of hand. I turned on the TV before we went to bed and France was leading 2 Ė 0. Hopefully, Brazil had a comeback left in them. We went ahead and went to bed. Every now and then we could hear cheers coming from the other rooms through the fairly thin walls. But it wasnít too bad.