July 11th, 1998

We got up at 7:00am. It was nice to get a lot of sleep. The hotel serves breakfast so we went down there at around 8:00am. We had a fried egg, weird sausage, baked ham, even though they call it bacon, pork & beans, boiled tomato and toast. A lot of different tastes in one meal.
Afterwards, we bought an all-day double decker bus pass. We bought the tickets and then followed yellow dots along the sidewalk to our bus stop.
The double-decker bus stop

Big Ben
Our first stop was the Parliament building which is where big ben is. We only walked past that. We then went to Westminster Abby. As expected, it was a very adorned church. Unexpectedly, it was a mausoleum that housed the bodies of much royalty. The tombs were stone sculptures depicting those who were buried there in a resting position. Some had their hands in a position as if they were in prayer. We saw the place inside there where the king or queen gets coronated.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
After Westminster Abbey we got on our bus, but it was the red line. We started out on the yellow line. The red line doesn’t make as frequent stops as the yellow line and it had no commentary and the windows downstairs had a mesh on it that made it impossible to see the sights. Kind of stupid, huh?

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
We got off on the first stop, which took a while, and then we got on the yellow line to the tower bridge. We took the tour, complete with videos and such. We saw the steam engine that was used until 1976 to lift the draw bridge.
The Steam Engine

Tower Bridge doing it's lifty thing
After the bridge, we ate at a quaint little sandwich stop. Jenny had an avocado sandwich that she went on and on about how much she liked it. We then went back to our bus and witnessed the drawing of the bridge.
We got back on the bus to continue are travels. We started out on the top level of the bus, but it started to rain so we moved to the first level. We got back on the red line which took us to the Madame Tusseauds Wax Museum. We had to wait in line for about an hour and a half to get in.
The ‘queue’ outside Madam Tusseauds

A right jab to the former champ, Ali.

Indiana Jones saves the day!
It is fairly large. I duked it out with Mohammed Ali, and Jen had a chance meeting with Indiana Jones. The chamber of horrors was very interesting. Jonathon and I were looking at this wax figure police lady that we thought for sure was real. After that we went to a French restaurant in the Victoria Station Mall. After that we went back to our rooms. When Jenny was in High School, she was friends with an exchange student from Australia, Cate. Jen had not seen her since then and had heard that she was now living in London. Jenny had arranged to meet up with her while we were there. After trying to touch base with Cate, she finally got a hold of her. They had been leaving messages for each other since our arrival in London, playing phone tag if you will, but weren’t able to get each other till now. We then prepared for tomorrow.