July 19th, 1998

Going for a ride

Ticket for the gondola
The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then rode the gondola up to the Swiss Alps.
Looking at what lies ahead.

Oh, the beautiful Swiss Alps.
The view was spectacular. It seemed you could stand anywhere along the trail and find a view that would make a great picture. I had the video camera with me and it was hard to stop taping because everywhere you went was so gorgeous.
We took a lot of pictures as the view was very picture friendly.

Doug and Jenny



Arnie and Elsie

We started up the hills. Jonathon and I traveled on beyond the rest of the group. I enjoyed having someone who was willing to go a little farther than the rest. We got a glimpse at a great view from where we went.
A race up the hill

Doug and Jonathon coming back from their adventure.

Jenny and Jessica enjoying the view.

The pretty flowers.

The cows in the Swiss Alps
On one part of the mountain you could hear the cowbells coming from the cows bustling about below a little further down from where we were. You could hear it quite well as the sound bounced off of the mountains.
We ate lunch at a restaurant on the Alps. It overlooked the mountains. There was a band playing there. They were very good so I bought a CD.
The Restaurant

Great view for lunch.

Hang-gliders enjoying the mountains.
This area seemed to be a very popular place for hang-gliding. There would be as many as 10 hang-gliders going at the same time. That would be a lot of fun to do with this scenery.

A few more hang-gliders.

Another spectacular view

After a few more looks, and a few more pictures, we headed back down.

I'm running out of adjectives.

One last look on our way back

We headed back to our hotel after that. We then went to another restaurant that overlooked the mountains but a lot lower than at lunch. We played rook again that night and then turned in. Winner = Doug. At around 11:45PM we were wakened by lightening. I got up to shut the curtains and then caught a glimpse of the show. Everytime the lightening would strike, you could see the silhouette of the mountain. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. Very beautiful.