July 14th, 1998 (Part 1)

We met the Ytreeides for breakfast at around 9:45AM. We ate at the hotel's café. Today is Bastille Day in France. There will be much celebration again. While we ate breakfast, fighter jets flew over our area. It was fun because we were watching TV and we would see the jets there and then shortly thereafter we would see them live. The first jets had red, white, and blue smoke trailing them.
The jets on Bastille Day

The Eiffel Tower
Our first order of business for the day was the Eiffel Tower. We took the RER over to see that. The RER is just a nicer version of the metro.
Going up the Eiffel Tower

Ticket Stub

Atop middle level of the Eiffel Tower

How Romantic!!
We waited in a relatively short line, thanks to Arnie. Gosh, he's a smart guy. It was his idea to head there first. The Eiffel Tower has different levels that a person can go to. You have to pay more, the higher you want to go.
Us looking down from the top level

The view from the Eiffel Tower
The city is just beautiful from up there. We could see some kids playing on a nearby soccer field. While we were standing in line to get on the elevator for the next level, a French man noticed Arnie's camera was the same brand as his. Just a newer model. He was asking him all kinds of questions about it and even looked through the viewfinder while Arnie had it around his own neck.
Arnie was holding on to it making sure that the guy wasn't looking for a freeby. The Frenchman's wife looked embarassed that her husband was being so forward. She later commented to Arnie not to worry because they are not dangerous.
A nice view of the Arc de Triumphe.

The view just outside the cafe.
After we finished the Eiffel Tower, it was lunch time. We ate at a quaint little café just around the corner. I got a club royale sandwich with tomatoe, egg, ham, and lettuce. It was very good. The stairway that led down to the toilets was very narrow and was a winding staircase. You don't see winding staircases a lot in restaurants in the U.S. Our waiter seemed to speak English rather fluently, so we questioned him as to why this was. He said that he started playing Dungeons and Dragons and loved the game so much, but it was only in English. So he had to learn English to play it.
Our next stop was the Arche d Triumphe. We were able to see the changing of the guard there.
The Arc de Triumphe

Avenue des Champs Elysees
We also walked down Champs Elysees, the famous road leading up to the Arche. It was only about 36 hours ago that there were about 2 million thrilled people celebrating to their hearts content right down this street.

Our journey down Champs Elysees

Last look at the Arc de Triumphe

Ticket stub for Musee Rodin

Thinking under the thinker

Next stop was the Musee Rodin. The reason we went there is so I could see Rodin's "Thinker".

They twisted my arm to do this pose.

It was a beautiful small museum. Another one of his famous works is 'The Kiss'. Jenny and I posed in front of that sculpture.
It had his sculptures also in the park in back of the museum. Some of his sculptures were different than I had ever seen. There was a particular piece that was 3 statues. The first one was a man with no clothes, head, or hands. The next on was the same man in the same pose with his head and hads added. And the final one was the same man and pose fully clothed. There was also a Picaso and Monet painting in there. Rodin's works are very beautiful.
The garden in back of the museum