July 10th, 1998

Victoria Station
We landed at Heathrow airport at around 10:50AM but it took about 40 minutes for our plane to find a place to park and let us off. After our arrival we had to walk a very very long way to pick up our luggage.
We had our passport stamped right before that. We then picked up some metro passes for all of us. We walked around and found our Victoria Station metro line. We then rode for about a half hour.
Off to the Metro

Metro Pass

Riding the Metro

Our Astors Hotel
We finally arrived at our Astors Hotel at 2:30PM. It was a small hotel that looks like it wasn’t always a hotel. It had big yellow doors with the door knob in the middle of the outside door. Jen and I had a room #15 on the second floor and the Ytreeides had a room in the basement all together #23. This room wasn’t quite ready so Arnie and Elsie stayed in a room separate from the kids that night. First thing we did was find a place to eat in the Victoria Mall. Jenny and I got our food at a Bistro. I had the minty lamb sandwich. It was interesting.

The location of the Royal Crown Jewels
We then took the metro to the tower of London. We saw the royal jewels and a big gold punch bowl.

The White Tower
We also saw the white tower and the ravens that surround the castle. There were beefeaters all around the area.
The castle also had very winding narrow stairs going up inside. It was fun to inspect all of the things they had.
Winding Stairs

The Tower of London
We got done with that when it closed around 5:30PM.

The Tower of London
We were tired by then and hungry, so we headed home and stopped at a fish and chips place right close to our hotel. I had the cod fish and chips. It was very good. We got back to our rooms at about 7:30pm. I went to bed as soon as I got there because I was dead tired. It was nice to finally get some sleep.
Fish and Chips