July 9th, 1998

As always before a trip, I am very nervous. As it gets closer to 1:20PM - when we will be picked up by the Ytreeides - I get more nervous. I am definitely a wreck by the time they get here.

Us waiting at the Boise Airport
When we get to the airport we decide that we wonít be able to take all of our luggage as carry ons. We take off from Boise to San Francisco with a bunch of kids. One group is a soccer team that just won some kind championship and another that was at a soccer camp at NNC. They are kind of rowdy.
We have a ways to walk on our changeover. Our international flight is on a 777 jet. It is very nice. It has a TV on the backs of all the seats so you can watch the movie or show of your choice. It also has a map button you can push to show where the plane is compared to where we took off and where we will be going. It also gives statistics like ground speed, altitude, local time, and London time, etc... I tried sleeping on the plane and only got about on hourís worth.

Our Europass

Our Tickets to London