Jenny gathering our luggage
We were awoken by music at 6:30. It turned out to be our own music again. I turned our radio off and slept another 30 minutes. We got our stuff ready and went to breakfast and then to the Schooner Bar where we waited for them to call our purple 8. We only had to wait about a half an hour. We then got off of the ship and picked up our luggage without having to wait in any lines. That was nice.
Right from the ship we got on a hertz shuttle to the rental car place. We had decided to drive to Seattle and fly from there because it was cheaper than flying straight from BC. We had to wait there quite a while to pick up our car. When we got to our car Arnie and Elsie got in front. Arnieís seat was too far back for him to get to the pedals. Elsieís seat was really close. They were both pushing every button they could find, trying to adjust their seats. We even broke out the manual trying to figure out how to work the seats. We finally figured out that the controls were on the door. Once we got our seats all set we were ready to roll. Once we got to the border it took 45 minutes to an hour to cross. It was about 2:00 before we got to the airport. We met Jonathon there and ate lunch. While we were waiting to get on our plane they said that our flight was delayed and didnít know when it was going to take off. We were definitely tired and anxious to see our kids. It ended up being only a 15 minute delay so that was nice. We then hopped on the plane and headed home. As we were traveling home they said that there were some thunderstorms in Boise where we were headed. It was a little windy for the plane. We finally landed at the airport and as we got to where our luggage claim area was we saw our van pulling up to the airport. We went outside and greeted them. It was great to see our kids again! Lindsey and Hailey were very happy see us again.

Our fallen tree
As we were waiting for our luggage, Margaret proceeded to tell us of all the damage that was caused by the thunderstorm. One of our trees fell down. A portion of our fence had fallen in. The garden had been blown around a bit as well. Some corn had fallen over and 3 tomatoes had blown over and were lying on the ground. It turned out that the tomatoes were fine after we propped them up and most of the corn was the same way. It was good to be home and thus conclude our wonderful Alaska Cruise!

Quite a storm!