The long hallway to our room
We got up fairly late and had breakfast. We then relaxed the rest of the morning and went to lunch. It was kind of funny, because the table that we chose to sit at is where Jeff and his girlfriend were sitting and we didn’t even know it. Jeff was the video producer on ship that Arnie had been meaning to talk to so that he could find out some job information for his son Jonathon. They normally sit at the table next to ours at dinner but he was rarely at the table himself because he was always working at that time. It turned out that this was the last chance for Arnie to get the information from him. What luck, huh?

Our cabin door

The piano recital
After lunch we went to a piano recital/lecture. After that we played miniature golf one more time and then played ping pong. We then got ready for dinner. At dinner the waiters sang a farewell song to all of us. It was fun. We gave our tips to Eduardo our waiter, Parresh our Asst. waiter, and also to our head waiter. After dinner Jenny tracked down Gina our stateroom attendant to give our tip to her. She hugged Jenny. It was a touching moment. Sniff, sniff.

Our waiters performing for us

A view of the ship from inside
We played some more ping pong and then went to that night’s show. Our captain even sang a couple of songs. The main attraction was a couple that changes clothes really fast without you noticing. It’s kind of hard to explain. After the show we watched the sunset from the back of the ship. It was a nice way to end our last night on the cruise.
We then went back to our rooms to pack. Our luggage needed to be outside the door of our cabin by midnight. We gave ourselves an hour. It was barely enough time to pack everything. We put our “purple 8” tags on our luggage and set it right outside our door.

A view of the waters on a lower deck