Watching one of the many planes landing in the water
Today was the Ketchikan port day. We were awakened early in the morning, about 7:15, by a call from Arnie claiming that there were whales right outside our balcony. We got up and looked for a while but didn’t see anything and we went back to bed. We had breakfast at the Windjammer Café. After breakfast we all decided to play a little more miniature golf. It was fun doing that with such nice scenery. After that, Jen and I just hung out on the balcony of our room while Arnie and Elsie went on the deck to watch the docking as we approached Ketchikan.

A view of our ship in Ketchikan

The eagles waiting for the salmon

Jenny, Mary, Arnie, and Elsie on the river's edge

Painting a totem pole
We ate lunch at the Windjammer and Arnie called his cousin Mary who lives in Ketchikan. She had a couple of hours to show us around. First she took us to a place where salmon were spawning and eagles were waiting for them. Then she took us to a totem pole park. We also went to a church that Arnie’s uncle had pastored and whose family had gone to for many years. She then dropped us off at Creek Street.

Totem pole park

Mary and Arnie
It is a quaint little row of shops hanging over a river. We did a little shopping there and downtown. When we got back to the ship we called back home to talk to our kids. Everyone was doing well. It was a lot of fun talking to our kids. Lindsey did really well talking on the phone. After that we got ready for dinner.

Jen and I in front of Creek Street

Creek Street

Heading back to the ship

Jenny talking to our kids

Parresh our asst. waiter on the left and Eduardo our waiter on the right
After dinner we saw a show that featured the Happy Days singer. He did impressions of different singers. He also played the piano really well.

Happy Days singer

Some more towel art by our maid
After the show we went up to Arnie and Elsie’s room to play rook. They had a gala buffet that night but you couldn’t eat until 12:30. There were going to be long lines and we were also going to lose an hour due to a time change, so we decided not to go. We decided instead to order room service from the TV. We did that at around 11:15pm. By midnight they had not showed up with our food so we called them up to cancel. They said that they had already left. By 12:15 we finished our game and decided the food wasn’t going to make it so Jen and I went back to our stateroom. As soon as we got back to our room Arnie called and said that our food had arrived. So we went back up to the room and got our portion of the food and brought it back to our room to eat some of it. It was late enough that we could have just eaten at the gala buffet. We then went to bed.

A panamara of Ketchikan from atop our ship