Another ship viewing the Hubbard Glacier
Since Jen and I were tired from the previous day we slept in until 10:00am. We had breakfast at the Windjammer. As we were eating breakfast we noticed that we were getting closer to the glaciers so we ate fast and headed up to the helipad where we knew Arnie and Elsie were. It was exciting as we were getting closer to the glaciers. There was a ship that was ahead of us. It seemed like it was really close to the glaciers. I thought if we could get as close to the glaciers as the other ship then that would be pretty cool.

A view through the window

The ice fields as we approach the glacier
The scenery just kept getting better and better. It also started getting colder and colder. As we approached the glaciers we decided to go to Arnie and Elsie’s room to watch the rest of the show. We found out later that we got within 4400 feet of the glacier. The Hubbard glacier was about 300 feet high from the surface of the water. It seemed like we were much closer because they were so big.
The sound of a glacier calving (breaking off) sounded like thunder. Every time that we heard the sound we would look for the calving glacier but we couldn’t find it. Finally we saw one happen. A few seconds later we heard another thunderous sound and we looked around to see if we could see it but we couldn’t. We then realized that we were hearing the sound from the calving that we saw a few seconds ago. It really made you realize just how far you were away from it and how big it really was.

Out of the way, it's our turn

A 200 foot piece of glacier calving
Once we got as close as were going to get the captain spun the ship around a couple of times to give everyone a good view from their balcony. At one point right in front of us, there were some pieces of the glacier calving so we started looking there and took some pictures; just then a much bigger piece came off in the same spot. Best we could tell it was probably about a 200 foot tall piece that came off. It was spectacular! You could hear everyone oohing and ahhing. It was exciting.

Jenny and I in front of the glacier

What a spectacular sight!
We went up on the deck eventually to get some more pictures. It was a gorgeous day. Afterwards we had lunch with the gorgeous view in the background. For more pictures of the Hubbard Glaciers click here.

What a view for lunch!

A fierce game of shuffleboard
After lunch we wanted to play miniature golf but it was full so we played shuffleboard. It was fun playing while the glaciers were in the background. After playing a game of shuffleboard we were able to play 9 holes of miniature golf.

Miniature golf with glaciers for a back drop

The head waiter cutting Jenny's lobster
Afterwards, I worked out in the gym while Jenny read a book. It was formal night so I had to borrow another tie from Arnie. We ate dinner and then got some more professional pictures taken.

A view from the top of the atrium

The show
After that we went to that night's show. It was the Royal Carribean's singers and dancers. As always, they were very good. We then decided to play sequence at one of the areas right by the Centrum. It was pretty smoky there from people smoking below in the bottom of the Centrum so we didn’t play as long as we might have normally. Afterwards we ate at the seaview café and then turned in for the night.

Looking up from the bottom of the atrium

Handiwork of the maid
The room next to us had their TV blaring in their room and it was very late. They had done that one other night and so we decided to call them and tell them to turn their TV down. They didn’t answer the phone. We then decided to knock on their door. They didn’t answer their door. We figured that they were not in their room and for some reason had just left their TV on. So we called room service and told them to turn our neighbor’s TV off. Eventually we heard them knocking at their door and then they went in and turned it off.