The train ride to the summit
We got up around 7:30 so we could get ready for the White Pass scenic railway excursion. It was a cloudy day but at least it wasnít pouring down rain. We got on our train and off we went. It was only Jen and I on this excursion. It was beautiful scenery and it was fun to hear about the history of this pass. When we got to the summit they disconnected the engines from one side of the train and put them on the other side since we were going right back the way we came.

The conductor

Jenny looking at an old bridge
All the passengers were instructed to switch sides so that people could enjoy both sides. The backs of the seats were hinged and center of the seats and could be flipped over to the other side of the seat so that you could always face the same way you were traveling. The clouds obscured some of our scenery but it was still enjoyable and very pretty scenery. For more pictures of the train ride click here.

Jen and I on the train

A picture of all four of us on the ship
We got back to the ship and had lunch with Arnie and Elsie. After lunch we took pictures of ourselves on our balconies from outside the ship. We then walked downtown Skagway and bought some more shirts for Jen and I and the kids. The shirts turn colors when exposed to sunlight. Downtown Skagway is very nicely kept up with the original look and feel of the older Skagway. Very quaint.

Jen and I in front of the ship

The great violinist!
Afterwards, we relaxed a little and went to dinner and then watched a couple of shows. We had a newlywed game and then afterwards they had a violinist. She was absolutely fantastic! She played classical, country, and popular music. She had a violin that was over 300 years old. After the show we went up to Arnie and Elsieís stateroom to play cards. We also wanted a snack so we ordered room service through our TV. The menu on the TV was exactly the same as the paper menu they leave in your room if you want to phone you order in except the TV didnít show the fruit plate like the paper menu. Elsie wanted the fruit plate so after we placed our order on the TV Arnie called room service so he could add the fruit plate. After being on hold a while he got through and told them what he wanted to do. They said they had not received the TV order so we order everything again, including the fruit plate. After just few minutes room service was there. Only problem is there was no fruit plate. Apparently the TV order had through after all. Sure enough, 10 minutes later we got everything again and a fruit plate.

The chocolate buffet

Many different chocolate goodies

Chocolate Indian head

The big chocolate dragon
Tonight was the Chocolate buffet. The viewing was open at 11:30pm and then it was open 12:30am for eating. We all went to the viewing. It was really neat. They had all kinds of different shapes and sizes of chocolate goodies. Arnie and Elsie decided to turn in for the night after the viewing but we decided to stay up a little longer to try out the chocolate. It was really yummy. We didnít go to bed hungry that night.

A panamara of the ship at port in Skagway