A view of Juneau as we approach

A little waterfall

A Princess ship docked in Juneau

Us docking at Juneau
We had breakfast in the main dining room again. We then went to the front of the boat to get a better look at the ship as we docked in Juneau. Since we had to be at the Helicopter excursion by 12:15, we had to eat lunch early. Afterwards, we exited the ship to go on our excursion. It was raining lightly. The excursion was the “Glacier Walk About” excursion. First we gave our weight and shoe size to an attendant there then we got in a van for our 20 minute ride to the touring company. The only ones going on this for this time were the four of us and Chuck from Colorado. We got to the touring place and they gave us their little speech about helicopter and glacier safety. Everybody seemed very concerned about people sticking their limbs in the rotors of the helicopter. I had pretty much figured that I would steer clear of em anyway.
The lady that was giving us the safety speech asked us where we were from. When we told her that we were from the Boise area she told us how she had long layovers at the Boise airport and how horrible it was. She just kept on mentioning it over and over again. Finally, Arnie told her that you usually don’t rail on someone’s home area. She finally stopped. They provided snow pants, jackets, gloves, and a fanny pack. They also provided hard boots. We put on all of our winter gear and headed out to the helicopter. Our helicopter pilot looked like he was in high school. Come to find out he was actually about 30.

Our helicopter pilot

The Mendenhall Glacier
This was the first ever helicopter ride for Jenny and me. The ride was very smooth. It was much smoother than I thought it would be. When we flew over the glaciers it was so gorgeous. It was so neat to fly so close to the surface of this glacier. It is the Mendenhall glacier.

The Mendenhall Glacier
The pilot gave us a tour of parts of the mountain and the glacier. When we landed on the glacier we were directed to an area where someone helped us put our crampons on our boots. Crampons are kind of like cleats that are really sharp so you have better footing on the slick surface of the glacier. They also gave us each a pole to help us keep our balance or probe uncertain footing.

Putting on our crampons

Our tour guide

Jenny listening intently to the tour guide

The Clemens, Ytreeides, and Chuck

The little stream on the glacier
The tour guide that escorted us around the glacier was very knowledgeable and good at his job. There was a lot of flowing water on the surface of the glacier. We had water bottles that were provided in our fanny packs. We emptied out the water and collected the glacier water. It was very good. As we made our way back to the helicopter it started raining. We had timed it just right.

Getting ready to board our helicopter off the glacier

Us shedding our glacier gear
Some of the helicopter tours after us had to be cancelled because of the weather. We made the trip back and they put a new label on our water bottle to indicate we had fresh glacier water. By the time our van made it back to Juneau it was pouring down rain. When we got back to the ship Arnie and Elsie decided to go on the Tram to take pictures of our ship. For pictures of the Mendenhall Glaciers click here.
I still wanted to buy a tie so we went shopping. We bought the girls a shirt and bought me a souvenir tie with animals on it. It was not normally the kind of tie I would wear but it was “Smart Casual” night and it had kind of an Alaskan theme to it. Smart Casual is kind of a dress up night but not quite formal. We got back to the ship and got ready and went to dinner. After our meal we were offered desset which we normally don't pass up because we have already paid for it. Arnie decided he didn't want anything so he told them that he wanted nothing. When they brought our desserts out they gave Arnie a plate with "Nothing" written on the plate in frosting. He said it was actually quite good.

Nothing actually tasted good

The cool stage curtain
After dinner we went to that night’s show which had the Royal Caribbean’s singers and dancers. It was a fun show. We then looked around the ship some and then Jenny and I had our snack at the Seaview Café and then went to bed.

The evening show