The one time Elsie actually took the bid in Rook
We ate breakfast in the main dining room. There was no assigned seating because there is only assigned seating for dinner. We sat with a man and his wife from Tennessee. He was a business investor, ex-politician, a traveler, and a major talker. You name a subject; he had a story for it. We explored the ship some more and then played rook in the Schooner’s Bar and then went to the Windjammer Café for lunch.

Playing Rook in the Schooner's Bar

Arnie getting some dramatic shots
As we were coming back from lunch we were stopped by 3 kids that were about junior high age. They said that they were on a Scavenger Hunt and were looking for signatures from people on the ship that were from each of the 50 United States. They asked where we were from. They didn’t have a signature for Idaho yet so Jenny signed their paper. Just as we were leaving they approached another lady and asked her where she was from. She said that she was from Las Vegas. One of the kids said “Oh dang, we already have California”. We had noticed that they didn’t have any signatures for Nevada so we gave them a little geography lesson.
We went up to Arnie and Elsie's cabin to check out their accommodation and also to borrow a tie I needed for that evening's meal. We were crusing through the inside passage and so we took a couple of pictures.

Jenny looking at the great scenery

My dessert signed by the chef himself.
Jenny and I then decided to go workout at the ship’s onboard gym. It was kind of nice to work off some of those extra meals. Afterwards, we met up with Arnie and Elsie to play some more rook. I borrowed a tie from Arnie since it was formal night and I was without a tie. I had looked to buy a tie on board but there was nothing there that I really liked. Jenny and I got all gussied up for our formal night. Before dinner we got our pictures taken on the stair case. We had dinner with our new table partners. It was fun.

Dressed up in the Schooner Bar
After dinner we ran around taking pictures of each other at different places on the ship. It was a good opportunity, since we were all dressed up.

Arnie & Elsie out on the Deck

Minutes away from boarding the ship
Afterwards, we went to that evening’s show. It was a ventriloquist. He was absolutely hilarious! He did a gag where he brought someone on stage and he used them as the dummy. It was very funny. We then turned in for the night after the show. We gained an hour during the night because of a time change.