We got up and left the house for the airport at about 6:30AM. We got to the airport and used Boise’s new electronic check-in system and new check-in section.

Our Boarding Pass

Making our approach to Vancouver, BC
About 10 minutes before we were to board the plane we realized that I had forgotten my belt and ties. We had three formal/semi-formal nights that I needed ties for. I was bummed because they were expensive ties and I normally don’t wear ties for anything else so I felt like it was a waste. We sat in the back row of the plane from Boise to Seattle and then again from Seattle to Vancouver. The plane to Vancouver was very noisy taking off. It sounded like it was going to vibrate itself into pieces.

Waiting in line for Canadian customs at Vancouver airport
When we got to Vancouver we waited in the long line for Canadian customs. Afterwards we picked up our luggage and were shuttled off to the boat. Our bus driver gave us a nickel tour of Vancouver on the way.

Our bus trip through Vancouver to our Cruise Ship

The first glimpse of our ship
We got to the port and were given a number and waited in seats for our turn. While we were waiting in line for our number we saw Arnie and talked with him for little while. Arnie and Elsie had been in Vancouver for a couple of days and they were excited about the cruise. We sat in groups of about 40. When our number was called we went through the security checkpoint and went upstairs stood in another line, processed some things and got our Sea Passes.

Our SeaPass
These passes would be our pass to get back on the ship during ports and was the key to our cabin and also a debit card for when we bought things on board. We then waited in seats for a little while longer until they called our number again. We were #22. We then stood in line for US customs.

Us happily waiting

Minutes away from boarding the ship
Then we were finally allowed to board our ship. It took a couple of hours for the process. Just as we were looking for our rooms we found Arnie and Elsie. They escorted us to our room where we found a dozen roses waiting for us wishing us a happy 10-year anniversary. They were from Arnie and Elsie.

Our Anniversary present from the Ytreeides

Our nice balcony!!
Our room was on deck 9 room 9642 and Arnie and Elsie's room was on deck 10 room 1586. Our room was wonderful with a balcony, a couch and a big bed. We were very pleased. Our luggage wasn’t in our room yet so we couldn’t put away our clothes.

Our room for the next week

Life Jacket drills are so much fun
Before our ship left port we were supposed to have a life jacket drill. At a specified time you go to the spot in the ship designated by a code that is printed on your life jacket that is in your cabin. We went to that spot and stood for probably close to half an hour or 45 minutes. They basically showed us how to stand in a straight lines and that was pretty much it. We stood there for a long time and then they finally told us that we were done.

Observe the straight lines

Jenny and I as we disembark
We then went out on the deck to watch us disembark which we had already started. It's always a lot of fun when you know that the fun is just beginning. After we took a few pictures of the departure we all went to the Windjammer café and had a light snack since it wasn’t long until dinner. One thing that strikes you about the ship when you first see it is that it is huge!

Arnie and Elsie enjoying the disembarking

The atrium in the middle of the ship
After our snack we decided to explore the ship. We had also discovered that the table # that Jenny and I had been assigned was different than the one that had been assigned to Arnie and Elsie. After reviewing the different options with the matrede we decided to stay with our assigned tables for that night and then review our options afterwards. We then made sure there was no such mix-up with our “glacier walk about” tickets. It looked like we were alright on that front. We went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and found that our luggage had finally made it. We then got ready for dinner and went to eat.
Our table was a table for eleven. The other nine were all members of the same family that were celebrating the 40th birthday of one of the ladies there. They were all from Vancouver. And this present was a surprise gift. They were a very fun group of people to sit with. Before the show that night we changed our dining table that we were assigned to so that we could sit with Arnie and Elsie. The show for that night was a singing and dancing group and a comedian. It was an excellent show. After looking at the ship a little more, we went to the midnight buffet at the Windjammer Café. We then called it a day.

Our wonderful dining room!!