July 12-18

On July 12th while Lindsey and Hailey were playing, Lindsey exclaimed “She swallowed the ring”. We looked in her mouth and didn’t see anything. Lindsey told us that it was a butterfly ring. She showed us the ring that it looked like. It was very big. Hailey had a funny look on her face. She didn’t have any symptoms the rest of the day. We looked on the internet to see what we should do. It told us what symptoms to look for and to look for the ring on the flip side. We called Hailey’s nurse and she said to look for the ring up until 5 days after the incident. If there are no symptoms for that time then just forget about it. It was a little tense for me for a couple of days when Hailey did not have a BM but everything seemed to work out alright after all. We figured that she never swallowed the ring after all.

A picture I took of our kids to keep for our trip

Jenny finishing up the packing
On Thursday, July 17th Grandma and Papa Agar came down to Nampa so that they could watch our kids while we were gone. The kids were very happy to see them. Lindsey seemed like she was trying to get rid of us earlier than we were supposed to go. But when we reminded her on the night before we left that we wouldn’t see her the next morning she was very sad. We assured her that she would be fine. We finished packing that evening and went to bed.